Fluid Dynamics Option

B.S. in Applied Mathematics: Fluid Dynamics Option

Required MATH courses:

MATH 425, Calculus I (statisfies the Quantitative Reasoning requirement for the Discovery Program)
MATH 426, Calculus II
MATH 445, Mathematics and Applications with MATLAB
MATH 527*, Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
MATH 528*, Multidimensional Calculus
MATH 531, Mathematical Proof
MATH 539, Intro. to Statistical Analysis
MATH 645*, Linear Algebra for Applications
MATH 647, Complex Analysis for Applications 
MATH 745, Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics I
MATH 753, Intro. to Numerical Methods I

  MATH 797, Senior Seminar;
    MATH 798, Senior Project, or
    MATH 799, Senior Thesis,
    which satisfies the Capstone Experience requirement for the Discovery Program.

  *Note: MATH 525-526, Linearity may replace MATH 527, MATH 528 and MATH 645.


 Other required courses:

 PHYS 407, General Physics I
PHYS 408, General Physics II
ME 503, Thermodynamics
ME 525, Mechanics I, or CIE 525, Statics for Civil Engineers
ME 608, Fluid Dynamics
ME 627, Mechanics III
Two of the following:
ME 707, Analytic Fluid Dynamics
ME 709, Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 712, Waves in Fluids

 Standards for Graduation.
 In all courses used to satisfy the requirements for its major programs, the Department of Mathematics & Statistics requires that a student earn a grade of C- or better and have an overall grade-point average of at least 2.00 in these courses.