Fluid Dynamics Option

B.S. in Applied Mathematics: Fluid Dynamics Option


Required MATH courses:

MATH 425, Calculus I (which statisfies the Quantatative Reasoning requirement for the Discovery Program)
MATH 426, Calculus II
MATH 445, Mathematics and Applications with MATLAB
MATH 527*, Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
MATH 528*, Multidimensional Calculus
MATH 531, Mathematical Proof
MATH 539, Intro. to Statistical Analysis
MATH 645*, Linear Algebra for Applications
MATH 753, Intro. to Numerical Methods I
PHYS 407, General Physics I 
ONE approved MATH elective chosen in consultation with your adviser, that satisfies the Capstone Experience.  

 Other required courses:

 PHYS 408, General Physics II
MATH 647, Complex Analysis for Applications
MATH 745, Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics I

ME 503, Thermodynamics
ME 525, Mechanics I, or CIE 525, Statics for Civil Engineers
ME 608, Fluid Dynamics
ME 627, Mechanics III
Two of the following:
ME 707, Analytic Fluid Dynamics
ME 709, Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 712, Waves in Fluids

Standards for Graduation.
 To be certified for graduation with a degree from the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, a student must complete all courses used to satisfy the requirements for the major program with a grade of C- or better and have an overall grade-point average of at least 2.00 in these courses.