Minor in Mathematics

Required (3) MATH courses    

 MATH 528*, Multidimensional Calculus 
 MATH 531, Mathematical Proof  
  MATH 761, Abstract Algebra  
         or MATH 767, One-Dimensional Real Analysis

* Note. MATH 525-526, Linearity I-II may replace  MATH 528

TWO approved MATH electives  chosen from:

MATH 657, Geometry
MATH 658, Topics in Geometry
MATH 761, Abstract Algebra
MATH 762, Linear Algebra
MATH 765, Algebraic Geometry
MATH 767, One-Dimensional Real Analysis
MATH 768, Analysis II
MATH 769, Intro. to Differential Geometry
MATH 770, Foundations of Number Theory
MATH 772, Combinatorics
MATH 776, Logic
MATH 783, Set Theory
MATH 784, Topology
MATH 788, Complex Analysis

Standards for Graduation.
 In all courses used to satisfy the requirements for its minor programs, the University requires that a student earn a grade of C- or better and have an overall grade-point average of at least 2.00 in these courses.

For additional information about the Mathematics Minor, please contact Professor Junhao Shen