Minor in Statistics

Required (2) MATH courses    

MATH 645*. Linear Algebra for Applications
MATH 539, Intro. to Statistical Analysis; or  MATH 644, Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
* This requirement can be satisfied by MATH 525-526, Linearity I and II.

THREE courses chosen from:

           MATH 736, Advanced Statistical Methods for Research

MATH 737, Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement
MATH 739, Applied Regression Analysis
MATH 740, Design of Experiments I
MATH 741, Survival Analysis
MATH 743, Time Series Analysis
MATH 744, Design of Experiments II
MATH 755, Probability with Applications
MATH 756, Principles of Statistical Inference

Standards for Graduation.
 In all courses used to satisfy the requirements for its minor programs, the University requires that a student earn a grade of C- or better and have an overall grade-point average of at least 2.00 in these courses.


For additional information about the Statistics Minor, please contact Professor Ernst Linder